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This is a piggy bank for the anxious. If your one those people that trust your money in the capable hands (?) of these pigs, but not knowing how much you have inside is giving you psycho thoughts of baseball bats smashing piglets skulls. Well we had you in mind when we thought of our piggy bank.

This piggy was one of the ideas we’ve submitted to push n900. The idea is simple, hacking a piggy bank you’d be able to see how much you’ve saved so far and some extra info.

We put together a little presentation for the judges of push n900

And a video

This is my personal favorite from the 3 submission, but that’s mostly because I’m interested in doing my own piggy bank to match a cute GUI. Thinking x-ray vision!

P.S.: By we I mean me, jeez, annieC and calega from wouwlabs.


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